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The Manila Club

(The British & Commonwealth Club)


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Trafalgar Night, St. George's Night and more...


Welcome to The Manila Club

The Manila Club has been established for at least 138 years with definite confirmation of its existence in 1877 although the actual inception of the Club is estimated to have been about 40 years earlier.

It is the oldest private membership social club in the Philippines and serves as a meeting place for social and business functions in the heart of the Makati Business District.

The Club accepts any nationality with British and Commonwealth citizens classified as Regular Members and other nationals as Associate Members.

Reciprocal arrangements are in place with many other clubs all over the world which Club members can visit when they go abroad.

The Club in 1893

The Club Restaurant

We’re looking to grow our member base, inviting younger British and Commonwealth expats to our Club as well as Filipinos.

Anyone from Great Britain or Commonwealth countries or Philippines is welcome to attend. There is no entrance fee and you pay for what you consume. Prices for food and drink are extremely reasonable for the area. If you enjoy the club and want to help it grow you can become a member of the club.